Editing the Tin Type IndicatorThis figure illustrates the editing of the TIN TYPE indicator on Form 8288, when the primary TIN number shown at the end of Line 1, Row 1 is an SSN, IRSN, or an ITIN number. The DLN of the return appears in the upper right corner of the return. It reads as: 00140-214-00023-0 The tax period 202012 is edited and to the right of the title of Form 8288.Edited to the left of the Part name is the number 1.Edited below the part number 1 edit is the computer condition code X.Maple Pine is the name appearing on Line 1, Row 1. {The name control Pine is underlined.The TIN is 000-00-5432 in the box field at the end of Line 1, Row 1, after name.The Tin Type indicator for this example is a 0, because the TIN is an SSN. The Tin Type indicator was edited to the right of the SSN (a few spaces after the 6), which appears at the end of Line 1, Row 1.The address is 1897 Fir Dr. and it appears on Line 1, Row 2.The City, State, and Postal Code on Line 1, Row 3, reads as Little Rock, AR 72201.