Usage of Bypass and Reduced Withholding Indicator -- SubstantiatedThis figure illustrates the editing of Form 8288 when a valid withholding certificate is attached. Completed Form 8288, Part II -- Withholding Certificate attached.The DLN of the return appears in the upper right corner of the return. It reads as: 00140-059-00011-0The tax period 201912 is edited and to the right of the title of Form 8288.Edited to the left of the Part II name is the number 2.Edited below the part number 2 edit is the computer condition code X.Alder, Birch and Elm Partners is the name appearing on Line 1, Row 1. {The name control Alde is underlined.The TIN is 00-2345678 in the box field at the end of Line 1, Row 1, after name.The address is PO Box 1856 and it appears on Line 1, Row 2.The City, State, and Postal Code on Line 1, Row 3, reads as Atlanta, GA 30304.Line 2 Description and location of property acquired reads: 126 Fir Ave Atlanta, GA 30304 {126 Fir Ave. is underlined.}Line 3 Date of Transfer reads: 12282020 {The date of transfer was edited.}Line 4 Number of Forms 8288-A attached reads: 1Line 5a Amount subject to withholding at 15% reads: $20,000.00Line 5d is a checkbox and reads: Withholding is at a reduced rate. See instructions...Line 6 reads: Total Amount Withheld$1,000.00 and a Bypass Indicator 1 is edited to the right outside margin of Part II, Line 6,