This exhibit illustrates the transcription lines on Form 8288, Part I. A letter T appears in the following places. The Remittance Amount appears in Part I, Line 6.The Tax Period is edited on the right of the title of the form appearing on the top of the page.The Name Line and the name control appear on Line 1, Row 1.The Taxpayer Identifying Number appears on Line 1, Row 1 at the end of the row.The TIN TYPE appears on Line 1, Row 1 at the end of the row where the TIN number is at.The Part Number is edited in the Left outside margin of the Part I box.The In Care of Name Line, domestic or foreign street address appears on Line 1, Row 2.The Domestic or Foreign city, state or postal code appears on Line 1, Row 3.The Taxpayer Telephone Number appears at the end of Line 1, Row 3.The IRS Received Date is edited on the second line above Line 4.The Computer Condition Code is edited in the left outside middle margin of Line 2.The Property Description appears on the first two rows of line 2.The Date of Transfer appears on line 3.The number of Form 8288-A's filed appears on line 4.The Amount Subject to withholding at 15% appears on line 5aThe Amount Subject to withholding at 10% appears on line 5b.The Reduced Withholding (W/H) rate appears in checkbox 6c.The Total Tax appears on Line 6.The Bypass Indicator is edited in the outside right margin of Part I, Line 6.