Name Control UnderprintSummary: This is an example of a completed section of Form 3520, page 1. The completed line items of the form are listed. Following the form is a partial error register.Line A and Line BCheck correct boxes:taxpayer checked the checkbox for Initial ReturnAn I has been edited at the end of Line A.Check box that applies to person filing return: taxpayer checked the checkbox for CorporationA C has been edited at the end of Line B.Check all applicable boxes:IRS Received 04152022fourth checkbox is checked by the taxpayer You are a U.S. person who, during the current tax year received certain gifts or bequests from a foreign person. See the Instructions for Part IVLine 1a. Name of U.S. person(s) (see instructions): field contains Setter and Greyhound Inc.Line 1b. Identification number: field contains 00-0017815Line 1c. Number, street, and room or suite number. (if a P.O. box, see instructions): field contains 13 Shepherd Way.Line 1e. City or town: field contains DenverLine 1f. State or province: field contains COLine 1g. ZIP or postal code: field contains 80202Line 2a. Name of foreign trust (if applicable): field contains Springer TrustLine 2b. Employer identification number (if any): field contains 00-7181513Line 2c. Number, street, and room or suite number (if a P.O. box, see instructions): field contains 1 Boxer StLine 2d. City or town: field contains Sydney NSW 2000Line 2e. State or province: field is blankLine 2f. Zip or Postal Code: field is “blank”Line 2g. Country: field contains Australia ASScreen shot of Section 01 and 02 of the Error Register6 01 ABOBC B C000017815 D202112 E20220415+ F +GI +H +IC+ J0 + K + L + M + N1+..........XXXX {This is the name control underprint. Since there is no underprint the computer places four XXXXs in the position.O + PAUSC+ Q + R + S + T +U13 SHEPHERD WAY+ VDENVER+ WCO+ X80202+ Y + Z1+02 ASPRINGER TRUST + B + C007181513+D1 BOXER ST + ESYDNEY NSW 2000+ F. + G + HAS+ I +J + K + L +M + N + O + P + Q +