TIN Type (SSN)Summary: This is an example of a completed section of a Form 3520, page 1. The completed line items of the form are listed. Following the form is a partial error register. Line B. Check box that applies to person filing return:the taxpayer checked the checkbox for Individualcheckbox Partnershipcheckbox Corporationcheckbox Trustcheckbox ExecutorAn I has been edited at the end of Line B.Check all applicable boxes:The received date IRS Received 04152023 is stamped in the middle of the following 4 checkboxes.Under the check all applicable boxes:The taxpayer checked the first box {A 1 has been edited before the first checkbox}: You are (a) a U.S. transferor who, directly or indirectly, transferred money or other property during the current tax year to a foreign trust; (b) a U.S. person who (1) during the current tax year, transferred property (including cash) to a related foreign trust (or a person related to the trust) in exchange for an obligation, or (2) holds a qualified obligation from the trust that is currently outstanding; or (c) the executor of the estate of a U.S. decedent and (1) the decedent made a transfer to a foreign trust by reason of death, (2) the decedent was treated as the owner of any portion of a foreign trust immediately prior to death, or (3) the decedent’s estate included any portion of the assets of a foreign trust. Complete all applicable identifying information requested below and Part I of the form.Line 1a. Name of U.S. person(s) (see instructions): field contains Patty PinscherLine 1b. Identification number: field contains 000-00-1956 Line 1c. Number, street, and room or suite number. (if a P.O. box, see instructions): field contains 717 Terrier RdLine 1e. City or town: field contains Oklahoma CityLine 1f. State or province: field contains OKLine 1g. ZIP or postal code: field contains 73125Line 1h. Country: field USASection 01 of the Error Register6 01 APINS B0 C000001956 D202212 E20230415 +F +G +H +II+ J0+ K1+L + M + N +............PINK {This is the name control underprint}O + P+ Q +R + S + T +U717 TERRIER RD + VOKLAHOMA CITY+ WOK+ X73125 + Y + Z1+