Field 13-W underprintSummary: This is an example of completed line item 24 from Form 3520, Page 4. The completed line items are listed. Following the form section is a part of error register.Under Part III. Distributions to a U.S. Person From a Foreign Trust During the Current Tax Year (see instructions):Line 24. Cash amounts or FMV of property received, directly or indirectly, during the current tax year from the foreign trust (exclude loans included on Line 25).The following table appears under Line 24. It consists of six columns and four rows. The title of each column appears in the beginning of each of the following bullet list.(a) Date of Distribution01-26-202103-25-202105-17-202109-06-2021(b) Description of property receivedAmber’s Kraft BusRose’s Boat BusScarlet Glass ShopSee attached list(c) FMV of property received (determined on date of distribution)30,000.0075,000.0050,000.00124,000.00(d) Description of property transferred, if anyblankblankblankblank(e) FMV of property transferred0000(f) Excess, of column (c) over column (e)30,000.0075,000.0050,000.00124,000.00{totals line} $279,000 - a {1} is edited in red to the far right of the totalThe following information is from the error register.6 13 A20210126+ BAMBERS KRAFT BUS + C 30000+D + E +*F 30000+ G +H20210325+ IROSES BOAT BUS + J 75000+K + L + *M 75000+O20210517+ PSCARLET GLASS SHOP + Q 50000+R + S +*T 50000+ U +V1 + *W 279000+ X 279000+ Y + Z +.............155000 + {Field 13-W underprint}