Field 14-Q underprintSummary: This is an example of completed line item 25 from Form 3520, Page 4. The completed line items are listed. Following the form section is a part of error register.Line 25. During the current tax year, did you (or a person related to you) receive a loan from a related foreign trust (including an extension of credit upon the purchase of property form the trust)?the taxpayer checked the checkbox for Yes {1}a {1} is edited in red in the far right marginIf Yes, complete columns (a) through (g) below for each such loan.The following table appears under Line 25. It consists of five completed columns and four rows. The title of each column appears in the beginning of each of the following bullet list.(a) FMV of loan proceeds31,000.0057,000.00121,000.00Total(b) Date of original loan transaction3-17-211-04-218-05-21(c) Maximum term of repayment of obligation08501025(d) Interest rate of obligation(text: 8.5 percent)(text: 10.25 percent)(text: .9 percent)(g) Amount treated as distribution from the trust (subtract column (f) from column (a))31,000.0057,000.00121,000.00209,000.00 {total line}a {1} is edited in red in the far right marginThe following information is from the error register.6 14 A1 + B31000 + C20210317 + D + E 850 + F + G + *H31000 +I57000 + J20210104 + K + L1025 + M + N + *O57000 +P1 + *Q 209000 + R 209000 + S + *T209000 + U +.................88000 + {Field 14-Q Underprint}