This is a copy of blank copy of Form 6356, Individual DIF Returns Order. There is a border on the top and bottom of the form. There are a total of 19 rows on a landscape form layout. Row #1 The first item is Box # 1 SC Block Control, the second item is the title of the form Individual DIF Returns Order the third item is Box #2 FC 169 the forth item is box # 3 DIF File year the fifth item is Box # 4 area or service center name and code the sixth item is Box # 5 types / two check boxes are present one is revised and one is POD Supplemental the seventh item is Box # 6 requester (Name, title, and phone number) the last item is Box # 7 Date. Row two 1st item Section number 1 which is used as a header for the next row at the far right of the row Box 25 POD Exclusions and Box 26 override code examination Appr are used as headers for the next row. Row three contains the following boxes and titles Box 8 SER NO box 9 dif file year box 10 mcc posting cycle box 11 codes / order type box 12 card no box 13 indicator box 14 volume box 15 indicator box 16 volume box 17 indicator box 18 volume box 19 indicator box 20 volume box 21 indicator box 22 volume box 23 indicator box 24 volume 11 boxes containing POD headers are then present. Row 4 contains a blank space and then actual numbers 1– 87 where each number has its own column for data to be input utilizing the header box numbers above. rows 5 thru 9 contain 00,01,02,03,04, respectively in the first column and all remaining boxes (86 in each row) are blank for inputting data. row 10 contains Box 27 which reflect the total of entries above for Boxes 13–24. Box 28 is all present on this row and contain room for a five digit total. Section 02 is present on row 11 with Box 43 POD Exclusion to the far right. ///////Row 12 first present is Box 29 SER NO second is Box 30 card no box 31 indicator box 32 volume box 33 indicator box 34 volume box 35 indicator box 36 volume box 37 indicator box 38 volume box 39 indicator box 40 volume box 41 indicator box 42 volume then there are 11 boxes all labeled POD that are used as headers for the next row. Row thirteen contains 87 boxes the box is blank and the remaining boxes are numbered 1- 86. Rows 14–18 each contain 86 boxes arranged in landscape and are numbered 00, 01, 02, 03, 04 respectively. Row 19 contains Box 44 which allow totals for 30 positions and box 45 which contains the word grand total and allows for a five digit entry.