Copy of the blank Form 6162, Partnership Returns Order. The form is landscape and contains 20 rows and up to 45 columns. Row one contains Box 1 SC Block control second is the title of the form fiduciary returns order third is box 2 FC 349 forth is box 3 file year fifth is box 4 area or service center name and code sixth is Box 5 type of order and a check box labeled revised. Row tows first item is Box 6 requester (Name, Title, and phone number) second item is box 7 date third and final item is a numbering scheme Page ___ of ___. Row three acts as spacer. Row 4 contains the headers for all data that will be entered in rows 6–20 first item box 8 serial number box 9 file year box 10 mcc posting cycle box 11 codes / order type box 12 MFT box 13 indicator box 14 volume box 15 indicator box 16 volume box 17 indicator box 18 volume box 19 indicator box 20 volume. Row 5 acts as a header for data entered first item is a blank box 44 additional boxes are lined after the blank box and are numbered 1–44. Rows 6–18 act as enter points and are labeled in the first item with the serial numbers 00–12 respectively. the remaining fields are blank for data to be entered. Row 19 contains box 21 total row 20 contains box 22 grand total.