Blank copy of Form 6897, Corporation Returns Order The blank Form is landscape orientation and consists of 19 rows with 3 to 88 columns per row. row #1 Box 1 SC Block Control, 2nd item title Corporate Returns Order third item Box #2 FC 349, next item Box 3 DIF File year, next item Box 4 Area or Service center name and code, next item Box #5 type of order and a box listed as revised. Next item Box 6 Requestor (Name, title and phone number, last item Box 7 Date. Second row: serves as a header row for row 3 DIF Form 1120 Returns is listed above box numbers 12– 27 and Box 28 serves as the header for POD Exclusions. Row three contains the headers for 88 separate entry fields for seven subsequent rows. First entry is Serial no, second entry is box 8 File Year. 3rd Box 9 MCC Posting Cycle, 4th Box 10 Codes, 5th Box 11 MFT, Box 12 Indicator then Box 13 Volume, Box 14 indicator Box 15 Volume Box 16 indicator, Box 17 Volume, Box 18 Indicator, Box 19 Volume, Box 20 Indicator, Box 21, Box 22 Indicator, Box 23, Box 24 Indicator, Box 25 Volume, Box 26 Indicator, Box 27 Volume. Row 4 has on blank box and 88 subsequent boxes numbered 1–88 acting as headers for data that is input below in the next six rows 5–9. Row 10 first entry is Box 29 which are totals for each indicator and volume listed in Box 11–27 the next entry is Box 30 which is the grand total for POD exclusions. Row 10 contains two header options Form 1120S Returns and Miscellaneous Form 1120 Returns. Row 12 first entry serial number 2nd entry box 31–58 which alternate between Indicator and volume. Row 13 contains one empty box and then 70 boxes numbered 1–70. Row 14–18 contain empty boxes for data to be input each begin with a serial number in the first box 00–04 respectively. Row 19 first entry is Box 59 total and 70 blank boxes are after that to be filled with the totals from the boxes above.