Figure 3.24.202–8 shows an Edit Block Proof List by Supervisor. Content: This the same report as the Edit Block Proof List, but the Supervisor responsible for the block groups the completed blocks.Execution: Initiated by End of Shift Processing at the End of ShiftSample Format: EDIT BLOCK PROOF LIST BY SOP, BATCH, BLOCK DLN *****SUPERVISOR:ccc *****DATE:MM/DD/YYYYTIME:hh:mm:ssBATCHABCBLOCK DLNDOC-COUNT BOB CODEFORMATMFIDFTYPEnnnn cccnnnnnnnnnnnn nnncnnnnnccBLOCKS TOTAL:nnnnnReport Segmentation:by SupervisorSort Order:Supervisor, Batch, Block DLNTotals/Subtotals: BlocksPrint Format: 8.5x14 inch paper, landscapeNotes/Issues/Questions:None