Line 2, page 1 screenshot of Form 2848 discussed in depth, with samples of acceptable entry.-The representative section allows up to four representatives on a single form. The taxpayer should enter the full name and address of the representative, not the firm itself. -Note the check boxes in this section indicate whether the representatives can receive notices and communications. If the box is checked, the representative will receive copies of each letter sent to the organization. The agent should use Letter 3597 as a cover letter, under which a copy of the letter, any reports, and any forms sent to the organization will be included. -All representatives should include their Central Authorization file (CAF) number, Practitioner Tax Identification Number (PTIN), if applicable, as well as their phone and fax number.-If the person doesn’t have a CAF number, the service center will assign one when they received the Form 2848. All states west of the Mississippi process authorizations in Ogden; all states east of the Mississippi process authorizations in Memphis. Exceptions: Louisiana and Arkansas process in Memphis; international authorizations in Philadelphia. Ogden Service Center (OSC): (855) 214-7522Memphis Service Center (MSC): (855) 214-7519Philadelphia Service Center (PSC): (855) 772-3156; PSC: Outside the US: (267) 941-1017