This BFS notice explains that the taxpayer's Federal payment was reduced by BFS because of the levy action by the IRS' FPLP. It displays what type of and how much Federal payment was expected and the IRS account information to where the portion of that Federal payment was applied. It also displays IRS office information for the taxpayer to contact the IRS. In the middle of the notice: an 18 digit Account Number, which consists of the TIN type (0 for SSN; 2 for EIN), TIN (the primary TIN of the tax period), MFT, and the tax period where the levied payment posted. The BFS notice also displays a TIN Number. The TIN Number is displayed only in SSN format (NNN-NN-NNNN), but can be either be an SSN or EIN. At the bottom of the notice: the type of Federal debt and the agency due the Federal debt; the type, date and amount of the Federal payment disbursement and the paying Federal agency; and then the amount levied.