This is the first page of a sample Form 870-PT Schedule of Adjustments for a no-change FPAA.The following fields are completed:Name of Partnership: Hydrangea PartnershipTaxpayer Identifying Number: H2-0123456Tax Year Ended: 12/31/2006Details of Adjustments to Ordinary Income:(1) Gross ReceiptsAdjustment: $0.00(2) Depreciation ExpenseAdjustment: $0.00(3) Repair ExpenseAdjustment: $0.00Total Adjustments to Ordinary Income: $0.00Other Adjustments(A) Basis of Energy PropertyAdjustment: $0.00As Reported: $600,000.00Corrected: $600,000.00(B) Section 1231 GainAdjustment: $0.00As Reported: $500,000.00Corrected: $500,000.00 In the remarks section at the bottom, the text states:Partnership Items: The partnership note from Impatiens, Inc. in the amount of $50,000.00 is determined to be recourse in substance, as reported on the return.After consideration of the above items, we have accepted the partnership return as filed. This is the official notice of the completion of the partnership audit. No petition needs to be filed with the court unless you disagree that the return as filed is correct.Continued on next pageThe bottom of the page is numbered 8