This exhibit contains a sample Form 3210 that is used to request the CTF to issue a No Change FPAA to all partners.The Form 3210 is addressed to:Key Case CTFThe remarks section has the following text: TEFRA Partnership. CTF to mail No Change FPAAs to all partners (including the TMP).The Form 3210 contains the following information:Name of Partnership:EIN:Tax Year(s):MFT:Statute Date:Form:Enclosures:Complete FPAA (including Letter 1830) to be mailed to TMP by name with envelopeComplete FPAA (including Letter 1830) to be mailed to TMP by title only at Partnership address with envelopeCover letter to POA and envelope, if applicableSchedule of Adjustments page of Form 870-P or Form 870-PT (1 copy for each year)Explanation of Adjustments (1 copy for each year)For Information Only page of FPAA (1 copy for each year)2 Small return envelopesThe following copies of forms are marked Information Only - Do Not Mail to Taxpayer:Form 5402Appeals Case MemorandumNecessary Actions:Return a copy of Form 3210 within 10 days in the envelope.Issue FPAAs to TMP, notice partners, and notice groups.No Form 4605-A or Form 886-Z is included. Use Form 1065 and K-1s. Return one copy of Certified Mailing List in the other envelopeReturn copies of FPAAs mailed to the TMP.Section 6404(g) Notice Date: ______ Section 6404(g) Notice: (Type of Notice).The From field at the bottom left of the Form 3210 contains the following information: Appeals Office AddressThe Releasing Official field contains the following information: Appeals Officer or other Releasing Official