This exhibit contains a sample Form 3210 that is used to close a docketed TEFRA key case once a decision is entered.The Form 3210 is addressed to:Key Case CTFThe remarks section has the following text: Closing docketed TEFRA Partnership. Decision entered. Appeals is final closing key case .The Form 3210 contains the following information:Name of Partnership:EIN:Tax Year(s):MFT:Form:One- year statute date:Enclosures:Copy of decision (or order) dated:Copy of signed stipulation (if applicable)1 Small return envelopeThe following copies of forms are marked Information Only - Do Not Mail to Taxpayer:Form 5402Appeals Case Memorandum/Counsel Settlement Memorandum, if applicable Form 4605-AForm 886-ZNecessary Actions:Return a copy of Form 3210 within 10 days in the envelope.Input one-year statute dateProcess all remaining partners per the decision(Include instructions to the CTF for handling penalties and affected items, if applicable.)Release H freezeSection 6404(g) Notice Date: ______ Section 6404(g) Notice: (Type of Notice)The From field at the bottom left of the Form 3210 contains the following information: Appeals Office AddressThe Releasing Official field contains the following information: Appeals Officer or other Releasing Official