This exhibit is an example of the package provided to the TMP under Rule 248(c)(2). It contains 5 pages. This is the first page and it is the letter sent to the Tax Matters Partner.Internal Revenue ServiceDepartment of the TreasuryPerson to Contact:Jean TulipBadge Number XO-505XZDate: July 15,2008Telephone Number:000-123-1234Tax Matters PartnerDaffodil Partnership987 Fourth PlaceAnytown, USA 01234Partnership:Daffodil Partnership Partnership EIN:D2-0123456Docket Number:12345-XXYear(s) Involved:December 31, 2004Dear Tax Matters Partner:Enclosed is a statement showing partners in the above named partnership that have signed settlement agreements. These agreements have been accepted as of the date of this letter. The terms of the settlement are shown in the schedule of adjustments attached to the statement. Rule 248(c)(2) of the Rules of Practice and Procedure of the United States Tax Court requires you to furnish a copy of this material along with a copy of Tax Court Rule 248 to all parties to the action (partners) within seven days after receiving this letter.Sincerely yours,Jean TulipAppeals OfficerEnclosure