The following items are not to be acquired by purchase, rental, transfer, or other means, from any source except upon prior NCITA approval.Each Field Office should have the following equipment:Base StationPortable Base StationPortable RepeatersCellular PhonesFax Machines-Plain PaperPhotocopy MachineShredderMoney CounterVehicles for Transporting Equipment and EvidenceFirearms Security Box for Office (one for each agent)Optics°Telescope with Tripod°Night Vision Binocular°Video Recorder°Video Monitor with Playback CapabilityElectronic Surveillance Equipment °NAGAR Recorder with Playback Equipment°High Speed Cassette Duplicator°Camcorder°Miniature Micro-cassette Recorder and Playback Unit°Concealed Body Transmitter and Receiver°Recording devices for Monitored Telephone Calls°Other Disguised Audio Transmitters