Figure 20.2.14-3 ACT/DMI “Single Module” ScreenSummary: This is an example of how to enter the tax module information into the “Single Module” screen of the ACT/DMI program to verify the previous overpayment interest computed to the refund date of October 22, 2013, as explained in the text. The top line of the ACT/DMI “Single Module” screen print reflects four icon boxes for saving changes, cancelling changes, adding transactions and deleting transactions. Next is shown “Selected Module: Federal 99-9999999 (for taxpayer identification number), 1120 (for the form number), 2012/12 (for the tax period), and in the far right is a drop down box allowing the user to reflect how the transactions should appear on the screen (Show All, Original Only, Included Only, Included & Interest, Tax Only).The table shown below reflects the entries for the “Single Module” screen for the Marin Corporation example. Amounts enclosed in parentheses represent a credit amount.RefCodeDescriptionDateAmountStartAdj/EndBalanceAddExclSOL10150Return Filed and Assessed Tax Liability102220132,500,100.00031520132,500,100.0020660Estimated Tax04152012(1,500,000.00)031520131,000,100.0030660Estimated Tax06152012(1,500,000.00)03152013(499,900.00)40716Generated Overpay Credit Applied From Prior Period04152012(1,155,000.00)03152013(1,654,900.00)50776Generated Interest Due on Overpayment10222013(4,900.72)(1,659,800.72)O601004Refund Interest High102220134,900.721013201310222013(1,654,900.00)70846Refund of Overpayment102220131,654,900.0010132013102220130.00Run To10/22/13Computed InterestTranscript InterestInterest AdjustmentRun MethodDeficiency0.000.000.00PrincipleTotalProcessIRS DefaultOverpayment(4,900.72)(4,900.72)0.00(0.00)0.00