ACT/DMI Single Module ScreenSummary: This figure provides the tax module information entered into the ACT/DMI “Single Module” screen for the James Corporation example. The top line of the ACT/DMI “Single Module” screen print reflects on the left side, four icon boxes for saving changes, cancelling changes, adding transactions and deleting transactions. In the middle of the top line is shown “Selected Module: Federal 99-9999999 (for taxpayer identification number),1120 (for the form number), 2012/12 (for the tax period)”, and in the far right, is a drop down box allowing the user to reflect how the transactions should appear on the screen (Show All, Original Only, Included Only, Included & Interest, Tax Only).The table shown below reflects the entries for the “Single Module” screen for the James Corporation example. Amounts enclosed in parentheses represent a credit amount.RefCodeDescriptionDateAmountStartAdj/EndBalanceAddExclSOL10150Return Filed and Assessed Tax Liability07172013300,000.0003152013300,000.0020660Estimated Tax04152012(360,000.00)03152013(60,000.00)30776Generated Interest Due on Overpayment07172013(142.04)(60,142.04)O40846Refund of Overpayment0717201360,000.000708201307172013(142.04)501004Refund High Interest07172013142.0407082013071720130.0060290Additional Tax Assessment By Exam0402201580,000.000315201380,000.00Run To04/02/2015Computed InterestTranscript InterestInterest AdjustmentRun MethodDeficiency4,433.000.004,433.00PrincipleTotalProcessIRS DefaultOverpayment0.00(142.04)142.0480,000.0084,575.04