Changing Transaction Type with the Advanced LinkAt the bottom of the ACT/DMI “Single Module” screen is a box that provides “Module Options”, “Transaction Options, and “Other Options”. Within this box are option “links” to make changes to the module, transactions, and access tools and reports. Click on the Advanced link within the options box which opens the Advanced window. The “Advanced” window provides the following options with each containing drop down menus on the right: Transaction Type, Suspension Code, and Reduce GATT Threshold. The top line in the “Advanced” window reflects “Transaction Type” followed by the drop down menu. Click on the “Transaction Type” drop down menu, to select the applicable transaction type:StandardStandard HighMotivatedNegligentMotivated NegligentFraudulentMotivated FraudulentInterestInterest HighPenaltyThe “Motivated” Transaction Type is selected. Click the Save transaction changes icon button at the top left corner of the Selected Module screen to save this selection.