Figure 20.2.14-15 ACT/DMI Edit Selected Module Screen with Netting StatusThe “Edit Selected Module” screen provides information on the ACT/DMI netting statuses. The top left of the form shows two icons; one to “Save” and one to delete the file without saving. The top right of the screen shows a box to check for “Comments Only”. The next section of the screen provides boxes to select for “Module Summary”, “Netting Status/Other” and “GATT/LCU”. The screen reflects the “Netting Status/Other” box is checked with drop down boxes on the left for an “Underpay” or “Overpay” status. When the drop down is clicked, the ACT/DMI statuses for “Open”, “Unsettled”, “Closed”, “Open” and “Use” are shown and selected as applicable. To the right of the Underpay or Overpay netting status is shown heading titled “First Netting Date” Two boxes can be checked for “All Dates” shown to the right of the “Underpay” and “Overpay” status windows. To the right of this information are shown two screen windows to allow entering “Comments” and “Internal Comments”.