Exhibit 20.2.14-9 Special Net Rate Interest Computations – Request on a Previously Assessed and Paid Tax LiabilityThe following display shows a time line as described in the text examples concerning the net rate period of overpayment and underpayment interest accrual. This time line is presented using numbers from left to right to help explain the rest of the data on the page. This data is displayed from where the time span begins to where the span ends (by numbers) and then what information is presented.200412, 1120, 03152005, Underpayment200412, LCU 2% Date is 04092007200712, 1120, 03152008, Overpayment200412, Full Paid Date is 02202009200712, Manual Refund 03232009From 1 to 4: Underpayment (corp rate) $150,000.00From 4 to 5: Unnetted Credit periodFrom 1 to 3: (1st) Underpayment rate: $150,000.00 plus $40,296.90 in interest equals $190,296.90 minus 79,000.00 equals $111,296.90From 3 to 4: (2nd) Underpayment rate: $111,296.90 plus $8,225.62 in interest equals $119,522.52From 3 to 5: Overpayment (GATT rate) $79,000.00From 3 to 5: (3rd) Overpayment rate: $79,000.00 plus $2,489.71 in interest equals $81,489.71