Figure 20.2.14-10 ACT/DMI Netting Interest Computation Analysis ScreenThis is the example of the “Interest Computation Analysis” screen as explained in the text. The top section of the screen reflects title heading and other information relating to the taxpayer and ACT/DMI status.Left Top: Jurisdiction: Federal (this is drop down box option only used by IRS)Right top: View All: Box is checkedTINTax TypeTax PeriodAdditional DescriptionStatusGATT/LCUSelectSelected Modules: The number of modules is entered.The middle of the Analysis screen reflects the “Selected Modules without Netting” section and next to it in parentheses states “(double click to view module settings)”. Below this provides information related to the tax module. Amounts enclosed in parentheses represent a credit amount.Selected Modules without NettingTINTax TypeTax PeriodDeficiency InterestOverpayment InterestPrincipalNet Due/(Refund)99-999999911202005120.,776.43)(725,000.00)(753,776.43)Totals: 0.00(28,776.43)(725,000.00)(753,776.43)Clear ModuleClear AllThe third section of the Analysis screen reflects “Selected Modules with Netting”. Amounts enclosed in parentheses represent a credit amount.Selected Modules with NettingTINTax TypeTax PeriodDeficiency InterestOverpayment Interest PrincipalNet Due/(Refund)99-99999991120200512(8,377.25)(213.55)0.01(8,590.79)99-999999911202007120.00(28,776.43)(725,000.00)(753,776.43)Totals:(8,377.25)(28,989.98)(724,999.99)(762,367.22)The bottom section of the Analysis screen has two rows of information showing from left to right:Row 1:Run to Date 09102009PostRemoveNetting Benefit (8,590.79)Row 2:ProcessNetting On: Box is checkedRun Method: IRS DefaultReportsModule Restrictions