Exhibit 20.2.14-12 Special Net Rate Interest Computations - Computation with a Subsequent Interest Adjustment After Net Rate was AppliedSummary: The following display shows a time line as described in the text example concerning the period of overpayment and underpayment interest accrual. This time line is presented using numbers from left to right to help explain the data on the page. This data is displayed from where the time span begins to where the span ends (by numbers) and then what information is presented.200708, Form 1120, 11152007, Overpayment200808, Form 1120, 11152008, Underpayment200808, LCU 2% Date is 04092009200708, Refund, minus 9 days, 06062009200808, Full Paid Date, 07162009From 1 to 4: Overpayment interest period at the corporate and GATT rateFrom 1 to 2: (1st) Overpayment rate on $78,000.00 plus interest of $3,137.74 equals $81,137.74 minus $113,000.00 equals $31,862.27From 2 to 5: Underpayment interest at the corporate and LCU rateFrom 2 to 4: (2nd) Overpayment rate on $81,137.74 plus interest of $1,177.09 equals $82,314.83From 2 to 5: (3rd) Underpayment rate on 31,862.27 plus interest of $1,199.76 equals $33,062.03From 4 to 5: (4th) Underpayment rate on $82,314.83 plus interest of $542.99 equals $85,857.82Amount of unnetted overpayment as of 11152007 is $78,000.00 overpayment.Amount of unnetted underpayment from 11152008 to 06062009 is $31,862.27. This equals the $78,000.00 overpayment plus $3,137.74 interest accrued from 11152007 to 11152008 ($81,137.74) LESS the $113,000.00 that the net rate was applied to as of 11152008.Amount of unnetted underpayment from 06062009 to 07162009 is $115,160.18. This equals the $113,000.00 underpayment plus $2,160.18 underpayment interest accrued from 11152008 to 06062009.