Exhibit 20.2.14-18 ACT/DMI Update Module Screen (200712)Summary: This is an example of how to enter the tax module information into the input screen of the ACT/DMI interest program to verify the previous underpayment interest assessed for 200712, as explained in the text.Taxpayer name: Delphinium CorporationTaxpayer TIN: 9999Module Status: Open/(Open)Form 1120Tax year 200712Amounts enclosed in parentheses represent a credit amount.Ref #CodeDescriptionDateAmountStartAdj/EndBalExcl10150Return Filed and Assessed Tax Liability0315200875,000.0075,000.0020660Estimated Tax09152006(50,000.00)0315200825,000.0030196Interest Assessed04092008113.6425,113.6440670Subsequent Payment10202008(25,860.02)(746.38)50196Interest Assessed10202008746.380.00Run To Date: 10202008Net Due/(Refund) 0.00