Form 1040 (1996) U.S. Individual Income Tax ReturnSummary: The following shows portions of a completed Form 1040 (1996) with three textboxes covering different areas of the form. The first textbox states: Clear return as Original Delinquent, ASED 06232000 per received date, RSED 10152000 per T.C.460 date. A timestamp is next to the first textbox: Received June 3, 1997 M.S.C. I.R.S. The second textbox states: No T.C.150 posted per I.M.F.O.L. valid/invalid for primary and secondary taxpayers. The third textbox (a screenshot) is displayed below. IMFOLT000-00-0101 30199012P01 IMF TAX MODULE NM CTRL:LAMB PAGE 1 70277-212-12291-1 SP-SSN:000-00-6090 UP-CYC:JUSTIN LAMBERT STATUS DATE:04301992NEXT CSED:LAST CSEDFIRST CSED:ASED:RSED:FREEZE:ASSESSED BAL:TOT INTEREST:INT ASSESSEDINT PAIDFTP TOTALFTP ASSESSEDSETTLMNT DATEINTEREST DATE: 07131994DISASTER RDD:MATH INCREASE:HISTORIC DO: 94GOVERNING DO: 94AIMS:LIEN: BWIBWNCCC81: 0CC85: 0TC914: 0CAF:ARDI: 0DDRC:STATUS:04 FMS LEVY: FSC: TOT EXAMPTIONS:00 TDA COPYS:INDICATORS:EFT-IND:0 RTN: ACCT CD: BANK ACCT NUM:TCDATEAMOUNTCYCLEDLNVARIABLE DATA46004151997.00972070217-121-08662-1EXT DATE-08151997EXT NOTICE CODE-0046008011997.00973770277-212-12991-1EXT DATE 10151997EXT NOTICE CODE-00