Title: Research Activity and Conclusion Lead Sheet, Page 1Description: This form substantiates the case notes, which outline the research steps and work performed by the analyst.Description: The following fields are listed to be completed by the employee:Return Preparer NameAnalyst TINEINAssigned PTINSource PTINTax FormDateTax Year(s)Description: Research Activity and Conclusion Lead Sheet Description: Evaluate gathered information and determine the scope of the investigation. If applicable, explain why further investigation is not warranted.Description: Case OpeningDescription: Source of the case:Identify the Subject Return Preparer: Check if CompletedDeconflict in IDRS against Z and L Freeze. Follow Z and L freeze guidelines: Check if Completed Look for duplicate or related cases in the Return Preparer Database: Check if CompletedDetermine the statute of limitations (IRM Earliest SOL: Check if CompletedReview referral and gather materials pertaining to the Complaint: Check if CompletedCreate Activity Record Form 9984: Check if CompletedDescription: Case Research:FactsDescription: Sources Utilized:IDRS (Integrated Data Retrieval System): Check if UtilizedReturn Preparer Database: Check if UtilizedGhost Locator Database: Check if UtilizedEUP: Check if UtilizedTPPS (Tax Professional PTIN System): Check if Utilized