BPD Fee Process FlowchartStart HereThis is the start of the flowchart.Process 1Covered Entities send data to IRS via Form 8947. BPD Database stores data received.Process 2IRS compiles and sends list of drug codes to Agencies.Process 3Agencies send sales data to IRS. BPD Database stores data received.Process 4IRS validates data, performs due diligence and reviews preliminary fee calculation.Process 5BPD Database generates preliminary fee calculation and IRS sends to Covered Entities.Process 6IRS receives comments, questions and data for consideration. Evidence to update the fee calculation?If yes, proceed to Process 7.If no, proceed to Process 8.Process 7IRS updates BPD Database with new information and reviews updated fee calculation.Process 8BPD database generates final fee and the IRS sends to Covered EntitiesProcess 9Was payment received?If yes, proceed to Process 10.If no, proceed to Process 11.Process 10Payment processed and transferred to Medicare Part B Trust Fund.Process 11Collection activities begin.Process 12Was refund claim filed?If yes, proceed to Process 13.If no, proceed to Process 14.Process 13Any refund claim for the fee is not processed as a refund claim using the usual procedures. A refund claim for the fee must be routed to the designated address for special handling and processing.Process 14No further action taken.