Department of the Treasury SES Performance Management System, Executive Performance AgreementExecutives in the Department of the Treasury are accountable for supporting Department wide and Bureau Strategic Plans, missions, and organizational objectives. This Agreement identifies critical job elements and establishes performance requirements for each element. As described below, executives will be appraised on critical elements in three categories: Responsibilities that are Department wide competency-based elements shared by all executives; Additional Mandated Elements that include Department wide and organization-specific elements; and Commitments that are specific to each individual executive. Each executive’s performance must be appraised against the performance requirements (set at the beginning of each appraisal period).[Fields are provided for:] Starting date for the Performance Agreement: October 1, YYYYEnding date for the Performance Agreement: September 30, YYYYName:Series and Position Title:Organization: Internal Revenue Service, Office of Chief CounselPart I: ResponsibilitiesAll Treasury executives share certain critical responsibilities that are instrumental for achieving results. Set forth below, these responsibilities reflect the core competencies of the Department - what is important to the Department as an organization. These responsibilities guide achievement of the incumbent's commitments in Part II. The executive and immediate supervisor jointly reviews these responsibilities to ensure mutual understanding.RESPONSIBILITY ELEMENT RATING DEFINITIONS: Outstanding – Performance not only exceeds the high level of accomplishment required at the Fully Successful level, but observable outcomes serve as a model for Treasury employees and fellow executives or are achieved despite significant obstacles (e.g., insufficient resources, conflicting demands, etc.).Exceeded – Performance is between the levels described for Outstanding and Fully Successful.Fully Successful – Performance meets the high level of accomplishment described at the Fully Successful level. Observable outcomes demonstrate quality performance (e.g., that the executive took initiative to address issues, identified potential barriers and inefficiencies, resolved serious problems in a timely manner, etc.). No areas of performance are deficient. Minimally Satisfactory – Performance is between the levels described for Fully Successful and Unsatisfactory.Unsatisfactory – Performance fails to meet the level of accomplishment described at the Fully Successful level to such an extent that it results in demonstrable negative consequences for the organization. Removal from the position is required.