Part III: Additional Mandated Element(s)Executives must demonstrate proficiency in the each of the areas described below in order to receive a rating of Met for the element.Department wide Performance Standards (Met)Element #1: Equal Employment Opportunity Principles of Fairness and Equity in the Work Place In consultation with the EEO staff and to the extent authorized and consistent with resources: Takes steps to implement the EEO and affirmative employment goals, established by the bureau. Supports staff participation in special emphasis programs. Promptly responds to allegations of discrimination and/or harassment and initiates appropriate action to address the situation. Cooperates with EEO counselors, EEO investigators, and other officials who are responsible for conducting inquiries into EEO complaints. Assigns work and makes employment decisions in areas such as hiring, promotion, training and developmental assignments without regard to sex, race, color, national origin, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation or prior participation in the EEO process. Monitors work environment to prevent instances of prohibited discrimination and/or harassment.[Choice of:] Met, Not MetElement #2: Security Management Serves as a security role model setting the example within the organization. Fosters a culture of security awareness and a sense of responsibility for protecting our National Security. When applicable, ensures all classified memos, e-mails and other documents are processed on approved IT classified systems and appropriately marked. If classified or sensitive but unclassified information is inadvertently disclosed, takes immediate corrective measures. Reports to security officials any apparent or suspected attempt to access information by unauthorized persons and assists in official inquiries. Solicits training (including annual mandatory) for self and his/her organization on proper safeguarding requirements for classified and sensitive but unclassified information. As warranted, initiates requests for security clearances based on staff need for access to classified information and ensures employees complete required background investigation forms in a timely manner.[Choice of:] Met, Not MetOrganizational Performance Standards (Met)Element #3: Fair and Equitable Treatment of Taxpayers Ensure that administration of the tax laws is fair and equitable, that taxpayer's rights are protected, and that Counsel employees treat taxpayers ethically and with honesty, integrity, and respect.[Choice of:] Met, Not Met