Attaching Envelope HorizontallyFigure 3.10.72-2 is a copy of a delinquent Form 4868 that requires the envelope to be attached horizontally. It has a vertical dotted line representing the incorrect way to attach an envelope to a voucher or stub. The entity on the Form 4868 is Azure M. Oak, 6111 Nova Blvd. Buffalo NY 14240.In the top left corner for Form 4868 is text box with 'ATTACH HERE' to show where the envelope should be stapled to the form.Below the horizontal envelope are 2 text boxes - 1 with 'CORRECT POSITION OF ENVELOPE' and another with 'The envelope can either face outward or back the back of the document, as shown above.'To the right of the dotted line, there is a text box with 'INCORRECT POSITION OF ENVELOPE'.