Figure 3.10.73-1 is a picture of a Form 9382, Batch Transmittal, that is generated by BBTS. Batch Transmittal Form 9382 is at the top of the transmittal the Transmittal have fields for: •File (N/R 1040) • Program (43110) •Batch Number (1517) •Batch ID •Rec. Date (237/20XX) •Est. Vol.(189) •Rel. Date (245/20XX) •Route (180 210 190 230 610) •Actual Vol. (0) •Cycle (20XX37) • Doc Type (IMF) •Account Type Code (431101517) •Alpha DLN Bock Cnt Alpha DLN Block Cnt The bottom left corner of the transmittal shows Form 8382-BBTS (Rev. 09/2001). The bottom right corner of the transmittal shows the username (JXDEIC18) and the date and time (238/20XX 07:50)