This has the Entity portion of a Form 1040 in the top of the picture and a Form 3893 in the bottom. The Form 1040 has a stamped DLN 00 221 118 000 00X in the upper right corner of the Form 1040. The same DLN is in Box 2 below on the Form 3893. The first name line on the Form 1040 is Seth L Anson with 000–00–1836 listed as taxpayer's SSN, second name is Jade M Anson with 000–00–6381 listed as the taxpayer's SSN, address is 1635 South Polk Street, San Antonio, TX 78284.On the Form 3893 below the Entity portion of Form 1040: File Type has check in IMF box. Box 4 contains 1. In Box 11, the R-Reprocessable box is checked. Box 13 is checked. Box 14 (Remarks) is a statement, Do Not G Code. Box 15 has Non-Remittance box checked. Box 16 contains 00. Box 17 has the preparer of the Form 3893 information, including IDRS number, telephone ext and date. In Box 19, the Corrected to original return box is checked.