Editing Multiple EntriesA completed Schedule SE is shown. Name of person with self-employment income is R.E. GraySocial Security number of person with self-employment income is 000-00-5734Line 2 Net profit or (loss) from Schedule C, line 31, Schedule K-1 (Form 1065), box 14, Code A (other than farming); and Schedule K-1 (Form 1065-B), box 9, code J1, Ministers and members of religious orders, see instructions for types of income to report on this line. See instructions for other income to report. Dollar amount 796 is present on line 2.Dollar amount 3854 is also present on line 2 under dollar amount 796.Tax examiner has edited red X's to the left of the dollar amounts present on line 2, combined the amounts and edited the total dollar amount of 4650 to the left of line 2.