Identifying an International Return: Form 2555 is AttachedShown is a completed Form 1040 with DLN in the upper right corner.Caption on Form 1040 reads: Daniel Keelback.Your Social Security Number: 000-00-5152.Line 8d, Schedule 1, Foreign earned income exclusion from Form 2555 Dollar amount (108,700).Line 9, Combine the amounts on Lines 8a-8z. Dollar amount <108,700>Tax examiner edited 651 in the bottom center margin of page 1, Form 1040.Shown is also a completed Form 2555 showing the name Daniel Keelback and Social Security Number 000-00-5152.Partial Form 1040 is shown with an amount of (108,700) on line 9 “Other income from Schedule 1, line 10”.Text box over portion of figure reads: Edit Action Code 651 on Numbered International Returns.