Editing a Reinput ReturnShown is the top of a completed Form 1040. Tax Examiner Number 924 is present in the upper left corner. The DLN is present in the upper right corner.SSN 000-00-9897 has been circled and SSN 000-00-9899 has been edited by the tax examiner to the left of the deleted SSN.Shown also is Form 3893. File type checked is IMF.Block control number is present.DLN is present. Box 11 for re-entry source code is R for Reprocessable.Box 12 shows the DLN year digit as 6.Box 14 Remarks section contains the following verbiage: Reinput to correct SSN 000-00-9899.Box 15 shows Non-Remittance.Box 16 shows serial number as 05.Preparing employee information is present in box 17.Box 19 shows EIN or SSN corrected.Caption at bottom of figure reads as follows: Edit a reinput return according to instructions specified in the Form 3893 remarks box.