EDITING THE RECEIVED DATE ON SIGNATURE CORRESPONDENCE REPLIESShown is the Income, Adjusted Gross Income, and Refund portions of Form 1040.Edited received date to the right of Dependents (see instructions) is 051521.In the center of the Income portion of Form 1040 are two stamped AUSPC Received dates: 05042022 and 05252022.Both AUSPC Received dates are circled in red.In the bottom left margin of page 1, Form 1040, are the words, Returned for Signature, and two stamped dates: 041322 and 051522.$123,486.00 is entered on Line 9, Total Income on line 11. adjusted gross income.Line 37, shows a dollar amount of 1547.00.Text at the bottom of the graphic reads: Last received date is within 30 days of latest correspondence date on balance due return. Edit latest date sent back for signature as the received date.