Editing the Caption: Address is MissingThis figure contains two (2) separate examples a and b.Example a shows the caption portion of a completed Form 1040Your First Name is Catherine and the Last Name is MercuryThere is no address present.TIN is present and reads 000-00-5635Also shown is the incoming envelope. Return address is present.The tax examiner has underlined the characters HUMM in the taxpayer's surname.Example b shows the caption portion of a Form 1040. Caption information completely blank.Also shown is a Form W-2. Form W-2 shows the taxpayer's SSN which the tax examiner has edited to the SSN field on Form 1040.Form W-2 also shows the taxpayer's name as Catherine Mercury and complete address. The tax examiner has edited the name control of HUMM to the name line on Form 1040.