EDITING MULTIPLE ADDRESSESThis figure contains two (2) parts, a and b. Both graphics show the caption part of completed Forms 1040. Part a is entitled Editing a New Permanent Address from an Attachment.Caption reads Wilson J. & Nora Eagle, 6358 Moon, Houston, TX 77013.Taxpayer has provided a note with their return that reads, Please make note - address change: 965 Willow Ave, Seattle, WA 98109.Tax examiner has circled 6358 Moon, Houston, TX 77013 and edited in red 965 Willow Ave, Seattle WA 98109 to the right of the circled address.Part b is entitled Deleting a Temporary AddressThe name line of the caption contains Thurman L. Hawk.The second name line contains a short note from the taxpayer that reads, Please send my refund to 9610 Newt Blvd, Tampa, FL 33602 March 5 through May 15The third line reads 2010 West Elk.The fourth line reads San Antonio, TX 78284.The tax examiner has circled in red the taxpayer note on the second name line deleting the temporary address request.