EDITING THE NAME AND ADDITIONAL INFORMATION LINES: DIFFERENT LAST NAMES ON A JOINT RETURNShown is the caption area and signature area of a completed Form 1040. First name line reads Anthony R. Spruce. The tax examiner has edited DECD in red after the name.Second name line reads Sherry L. Setter. The tax examiner has underlined this in red as the Additional Information Line.Filing status is Married filing jointly.Signature area reads Sherry L. Quail filing as surviving spouse. Anthony died January 8, 2022.The date of the signature is 1-30-22.Text box is present over the graphic that reads, No documentary evidence is attached.Line 35a, Amount you want refunded: Dollar amount 6234.The caption at the bottom of the graphic reads: Documentary evidence is not required on a joint return signed by the surviving spouse.