EDITING AN AIL ON A REFUND DECEDENT RETURN: LEGAL REPRESENTATIVEShown is the caption part and the bottom of page 2, Form 1040. Also shown is a document entitled Letters of Testamentary. Statement has been notated by the preparer of the tax return in the top margin of Form 1040 that reads, deceased 01-02- 2021. DECD is edited in red after the taxpayer's last name of White.First name line reads William J WhiteThe Legal Representative's name (Herbert D. Badger EXEC) has been edited and underlined in red to the second name line.Street address reads 2220 W. BoaCity, state, ZIP code line reads Anaheim, CA 92803.Form 1040, line 35a shows a refund of $1300.Letters of Testamentary reads: Herbert D. Badger was duly granted by said Court Letters Testamentary of the Estate of William Joe White, deceased, and that he qualified as independent executor of said estate on the 13th day of January A.D. 2021, as the law requires, and that said appointment is still in full force and effect.Caption present at the bottom of the graphic reads: Edit the name of the court-appointed representative as the additional information line.