DELETING DEPENDENT'S NAME ON DEPENDENT LINE: MISSING TIN NOT FOUND ON RETURN OR ATTACHMENTS Shown is Dependent area of Form 1040. Dependents, column 1, first row - Paul Wolf.Dependent's Social Security Number, column 2, first row - 000-00-2501.Dependent's Relationship to You, column 3, first row - son.Dependents, column 1, third row - Kristen Shepherd. A red X is edited to the left of Kristen Shepherd. Her TIN is missing and not found so her name is deleted from Dependent area. The name is X'd, but cousin is edited to position 6. There is a red 0 edited for parents, a red 0 for qualifying child and a red 1 for other dependents.Dependent's Social Security Number, column 2, third row - blank.Dependent's relationship to you, column 3, third row - cousin.Text under graphic reads: Correspond for missing TINs when corresponding for other missing items.