Editing Lines 1 and 5b: Non-Disability Pension Income Noted on Line 1Shown is the income portion of Form 1040 and a Form 1099-R.The income portion of Form 1040 shows the following: The dotted portion of Line 1, Wages, salaries, tips, etc. - Pension $7200 on the dotted portion.Edited in red to the right of Pension $7200 is 58450.Line 1, Wages, salaries, tips, etc. - 65650.A red X is edited to the left of the 65650 entry on Line 1, Wages, Salaries, tips, etc because pension, which is notated by the taxpayer, is on the wrong line.Line 5b, taxable amount of pension - 7200 is edited in red from the misplaced amount that was on Line 1.Form 1099-R has the following entries: Payer's name, street address, city, state and ZIP code - Swan Insurance 654 Finch Road Kansas City, KS 66110.Payer's federal identification number - 00-3219872.Recipient's identification number - 000-00-2254.Recipient's name - Rachel P. Robin.Street address (including apt. no.) - 5631 Cardinal AveCity, state, and ZIP code - Kansas City, KS 66110Box 1, Gross Distribution - 10000.00Box 2a, Taxable amount - 7200.47Box 4, Federal income tax withheld - 584.23Box 7, Distribution code - 7.