EDITING CCC “8”: REFUND RETURN HAS WITHHOLDING SUPPORTED BY A SINGLE HANDWRITTEN FORM W-2Shown are portions of pages 1 and 2 of Form 1040. Also shown is a single handwritten Form W-2.Entries on Form 1040 are as follows: Box 1, Single, is marked.Name Melinda Swan has been entered.A red CCC 8 is edited in the blank space to the left of Your spouse as a dependent.Line 25a, Federal income tax withheld from Form W-2 - 1439.Line 25d, Add lines 25a through 25c - 1439.Entries present on the handwritten Form W-2 are as follows: Box a, Employer's Social security number - 000-00-6587.Box b, Employer identification number (EIN) - 00-0428730.Box c, Employer's name, address and ZIP code - Robin and Eagle, Ltd., 25 Finch Way, Louisville, KY 40201.Box e, Employee's first name and initial - last name - Melinda Swan, 2714 Grouse St., Louisville, KY 40201.Box 1, Wages, tips, other compensation - 12,800.00.Box 2, Federal Income tax withheld - 1,439.00.Box 3, Social Security wages - 12,800.00.Box 4, Social security tax withheld - 793.60.Box 5, Medicare wages and tips - 12,800.00.Box 6, Medicare tax withheld - 185.60.A double-ended black arrow is present over the graphic pointing to Form 1040, line 64 and to Form W-2, box 2.