Form 4251Title: Figure 3.12.179-5, Form 4251 (Rev 12-2001) Return Charge-Out. Summary: Displayed is Form 4251 with data generated by GUF. Generated items are labeled with reference numbers. The items and their reference numbers are listed below. SS or EI Number (1)Form No. (2)Period/ (3)Date (4)DLN and Processing Year (5)Unpostables Sequence # (6) Taxpayer's Name Control (7)Taxpayer’s Name (8)Repeat-Indicator R, Blank, or S (9)Unpostable Code (10)Unpostable Reason Code (11)Primary Transaction Code (12)Secondary Transaction Code (13)Entity Code (14)Input Filing Status Code(15)IDRS Employee Number (16)Category Code (17) Submission Processing Center Abbreviation (18)Master File System ID Code(19)Master File System Name Line (20)Master File System Name Control (21)Master File Fiscal Year Month (22)Master File Filing Status Code (23)Primary or Interest Reduction Amount, Refund (24)For Files Use Only (25)