UPC 151 RC 0 Dual Name SSN Account on invalid side of Master File - Form 1040-NR, Invalid SegmentFigure 3.12.179-25, shows a Form 1040-NR and displays CC INOLET, CC INCHG and CC UPRES, where the SSN is provided by the taxpayer on Form 1040-NR and matches our records. The account is INVALID due to a name control mismatch. The figure displays a Form 1040-NR for Austin B. Marten-Rose , Identifying number 000-00-1234. Next is displayed an CC INOLET screen for 000-00-1234* name control ROSE, SSA name control MART. Next is a CC INCHG input screen showing a TC 013 on the INVALID segment to correct the name control. The remarks state UPC 151. Also, displayed is the UPRES screen showing URC 0 entered for the UPC 151. The Remarks state TC 013 INPUT ON INVALID with release cycle