UPC 153 RC 0 - ResolutionFigure 3.12.179-29 shows the resolution when the Correct SSN is found and the Name is updated. Form 1040 partial page one is displayed. First name: Carolyn. Last name: (Willow) Bismuth, with Willow circled in red. SSN entered as 000-00-1234 with the 1234 in position 6 through 9 circled and 2345 is written above it. Notation: The taxpayer entered an incorrect SSN on her return. Next is displayed a CC NAMES screen. CAROLYN WILLOW is at the top. The first name listed is CAROLYN WILLOW with SSN 000-00-2345. The second name is CARL & LOUISE WILLOW with SSN 000-00-6789. Notation: The correct SSN is found on CC NAMES using the name in parentheses. Next is a CC INCHG screen showing Notation to Input TC 013 to correct the name. 000-00-2345 is bolded at the top of the screen. Field NM-CTRL is WILL. NEW-NAME-CTRL entered is BISM. YEAR-NM-LINE is highlighted to input the year of the return. FS 1 is highlighted . Notation: Input TC 013 to change name. Also, displayed is an UPRES screen for UPC 153. UPRES 6 is highlighted on the first line. SSN 000-00-2345 is highlighted and release cycle is highlighted. Notation: Resolve the case using URC 6 and cycle to post after the TC 013.