Example of Page one of Form 1066 showing Alpha Field Indicators.Name line shows 01NCBox A shows 01EINAddress line shows 02 CON, 02FAD and 02ADDBox B shows 01DOBCity, State and ZIP code lines shows 02CTY, 02ST and 02ZIPBox c shows 03TASTo the right of Line 1 Taxable interest 01CCC is shownTo the right of Line 7 Salaries and wages 01RCD is shownIn the left margin the following field indicators are shown: 01NOR, 01TEF, 01MSC, 01ADC and 01ISISection II, Line 1 Total Tax shows 0705ASection II, Line 2 shows 0706Section II, Line 3 Tax Due shows 07B/R+Section II, Line 4 Overpayment shows 07B/R-Section II, left of Line 4 shows 07TTEIn the May the IRS discuss this return with the preparer box 01CBI is shownIn the preparer's SSN box 01PSN is shownIn the preparer's EIN box 01PEN is shownIn the preparer's phone number box 01PTN is shownIn the bottom right corner 03STG and 03LTG is shown