Number of 8288-As attachedSummary: The following represents a screen shot of Form 8288, U.S. Withholding Tax Return For Dispositions By Foreign Persons Of U.S. Real Property Interests, Part (1). Line entries appear in Quotation Marks. In the upper right corner of Form 8288 you will find the DLN number: 00140-106-01932-2 The row identifying the PART 1 section has the following instructions: To Be Completed by the Buyer or Other Transferee required To Withhold Under Section 1445(a).Below Part 1 instruction is Line 1, Row 1 titled -- Name of buyer or other Transferee responsible for withholding: Alder, Tupelo & Larch LLP followed by the Identifying Number 00-1234567Line 1 Row 2 is titled -- Street address, apt., or suite no., or rural route. Do not use P O Box: 1040 Ash WayLine 1 Row 3 is titled -- City or Town, State, and Zip Code: Baltimore, MD 21233Line 2 is titled -- Description and location of property acquired: Vacant Lot - 1120 Balsam HWY - Baltimore, MD 21233Line 3 is titled -- Date of Transfer: 03-22-2022Line 4 is titled -- Number of Forms 8288-A attached: 1Line 5 is titled -- Complete all items that apply. Enter dollar amounts on applicable lines.Line 5a reads: Amount subject to withholding at 15 percent and the line is blank. Line 5b reads: Amount subject to withholding at 10 percent: “750,000.00” Line 5c reads: Withholding is at a reduced amount..................... and the check box is unmarked.Line 6 is titled -- Amount Withheld: $75,000.00The bottom half of this figure displays a completed Form 8288-A, Statement of Withholding on Dispositions by Foreign Persons of U.S. Real Property Interests. Description of Form 8288-A begins at the upper left-hand corner of Form 8288-AWithholding agent’s name, street address, city, state, and ZIP code:Alder, Tupelo & Larch LLP1040 Ash WayBaltimore, MD 21233 Withholding Agent’s Federal Identification Number: 00-1234567The Identification number of Foreign Person subject to withholding appears to the right of the withholding agent’s TIN, but above the name of the foreign person subject to withholding: 000-00-1234Name of Person Subject to Withholding: Holly HemlockForeign Address (number, street, and apt. or Suite No.): 1041 Cedar PlaceCity, province or state, postal code, and country (not U.S.): Vancouver, BC CanadaBox 1 has the Date of Transfer: 03-22-2022Box 2 has the Federal Income Tax Withheld: $75,000.00Box 3 has the Amount Realized: $750,000.00Box 4 is {blank} but it reads: Gain recognized by Foreign Corporation Box 5 has the Description of Property Transferred: Vacant Lot - 1120 Balsam HWY - Baltimore, MD 21233Box 6 has the Person subject to withholding checkbox information: The checkboxes are An Individual {marked}, A Corporation {blank}, Other (specify) {blank}Below Box 6 is a box for the taxpayer to list an alternate mailing address, which is {blank}.Form 8288 reflects the total of the attached Form 8288-A. For example, line 2 of Form 8288-A will show in line 6 of Form 8288. If there is more than one Form 8288- A, the total of all the line 2 amounts on those Forms 8288-A would be added together and the total entered on line 6 of Form 8288. If the box on line 5c of Form 8288 is checked by the taxpayer, line 6 will be less than 15 percent of line 5b for dispositions after February 16, 2016 or less than 10 percent for dispositions prior to February 17, 2016 and certain post-February 16, 2016 dispositions, see IRM and an approved Withholding Certificate should be attached to the Form 8288.